Success through bundling.

Transparency & Efficiency

The demands placed on the management of a modern logistics operation are constantly increasing. The medium-sized forwarder and freight carrier must be a true all-round expert in order to run the business successfully. Corporate management, controlling, customer business, transport law, insurance, purchasing and much more are among the daily challenges. To support you in mastering these tasks, ELVIS offers a broad portfolio. With operational solutions, services and purchasing benefits, the network increases efficiency and transparency in the partner companies.

Operational solutions

Part Load System

ELVIS solves the challenges of connected partners and allows you to focus on what matters most: Your customers. With the high-performance part load system, ELVIS offers a nationwide network for the shipment of part loads in Germany and Europe.
Shipments from 1-17 bays can be handled via the system. Due to the lateral loading in the central hub Knüllwald-Remsfeld, especially bulky and sensitive shipments can be transported without damage. This even enables the system transport of long goods up to 6.50 meters.

Industry specialists

In various divisions ELVIS raises the synergies of the participants, offers added value and enables the important exchange of experience among like-minded people. Within ELVIS you will find the specialists for building material transport, volume goods and warehousing. With innovative in-house developments exclusively for ELVIS partners, the association enables new customer offers and reacts to changing market structures. Even you can profit from the increasing online trade. B2C delivery of bulky goods to private customers is child's play for ELVIS partners. Verbund provides the system and the technology.

A unique network solution in Europe: the partial load system!

What our partners say

I gain flexibility through ELVIS because the tours now last one to two days instead of two to three. Of course, this also increases my profit!

Jan Riedemann

Spedition Heinrich Kottmann GmbH & Co. KG

The part load network is the unique selling point of ELVIS. To be able to participate in it, we have become a member.

Tobias Haas

decker+ co Internationale Spedition GmbH


Shared Service Center

The Shared Service Center offers ELVIS partners a wide range of services for almost all areas of daily work in freight forwarding. By bundling routine activities in the Service Center, the participating companies are relieved and the quality of the results is guaranteed at a consistently high level.

ELVIS Consulting

ELVIS Consulting helps partners when the going gets tough. With the processing of complex tenders, fleet analyses, the use of modern business intelligence (BI) tools and process optimizations, the employees from Consulting set new standards.

An external data protection officer and the option of matrix certification are further services that ELVIS partners can take advantage of.

ELVIS Legal Hotline

The ELVIS Legal Hotline enables quick clarification of legal questions of all kinds. Would you like to have contracts reviewed or do you have questions about personnel law? The digital platform for document management and the submission of legal questions enables round-the-clock access to the status of your submitted legal cases and questions. In particular, the unloved and time-consuming collection of outstanding debts is a much-used service of ELVIS partners.

ELVIS Versicherungsmakler

With the ELVIS insurance brokers you are prepared for every case of damage. The experts for transport and forwarding law screen your coverage sums for the case of emergency and are always at your side with advice and support.

Central purchasing - easy shopping with ELVIS!

The market power of over 200 partners enables significant purchasing advantages in all areas of transport and logistics.

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The ELVIS Truckstar Shop

supplies truck tires and load securing at best prices. The Verbund partners receive trailers and trucks via the attractive and exclusive supplier contracts.

ELVIS Advantage Calculator

Calculate your purchasing advantage with ELVIS Central Purchasing:

ELVIS fuel and toll consulting

With our experts on your side, you save cash on every kilometer. Diesel prices, OMR, fuel cards and toll boxes are annoying topics for every trucking company. But there is hardly any other area of freight forwarding where so much money can be saved or burned. With ELVIS fuel and toll consulting, you are on the safe side.

Ihr Einsparpotential als ELVIS Partner


Durchschnittwerte der ELVIS Partner in 2017.

Basierend auf einer Laufleistung von 100.000km pro LKW (davon 90.000km Mautstrecke) und vor Abzug der Mitgliedsgebühren.

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