Nationwide distribution of long and oversized goods with delivery to ground level right to the doorstep of residential and industrial customers: Our network connects you with reliable carriers and freight forwarders from the ELVIS network, utilizing truck-mounted forklifts to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution for your specific logistics requirements.

The comprehensive solution for Germany and neighbouring countries

A powerful new network of mid-sized transport companies specializing in delivery with truck-mounted forklifts offers you a flexible and highly reliable solution throughout Germany and neighbouring countries.

Efficient loading and unloading in confined spaces

Truck-mounted forklifts are ideal for use in confined spaces, on construction sites or for delivery to private customers. With a load capacity of up to 1,500 kg per load and a lifting height of up to 4 meters, they are perfect for transporting heavy and long goods, especially those up to 6.50 meters long.

The Extra Flexibility

Whenever there is no forklift available at the unloading point, the truck-mounted forklift with its incredible flexibility and manoeuvrability comes into its own, even in impassable terrain, and can lower all conceivable products from the truck onto level ground in just a few minutes.

Especially in the case of deliveries to private customers, it is often not possible to drive to the site with a large truck due to cramped road conditions. It is precisely here that the truck-mounted forklift can make full use of its possibilities and flexibility and easily cover the distance from a car park for the long-distance train up to several hundred metres away to the point of use.

Our network offers a wide range of benefits for shippers


One of our members is always close to you

A nationwide transport network with more than 30 affiliated network partners

Shorten your transit times: Your goods reach your customers faster

Increase efficiency through collaboration among multiple companies in the group. This optimizes transport processes and reduces your delivery lead times.

Enhance your competitiveness by reducing transportation costs, working more effectively, and collaborating with a large network.

Our network also offers you a high level of transparency along the entire transport chain. We provide you with real-time information about the transport status and delivery digitally.

The ELVIS truck-mounted forklift network can contribute to optimizing your transportation costs, enhancing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and significantly improving your competitiveness.

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Die gewünschten Informationen stehen nun zum Download zur Verfügung!

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