Each individual cooperation partner is the focus of what we do.

Our actions enable us to constantly create new added values for our cooperation partners and so at the same time to make a substantial contribution to safeguarding the future of our members.

Our position is always neutral and we act exclusively in the interests of the association. In doing so, we always abide by the law and regulations.

Everything we do is always altruistic with a strong, cooperative character. We always endeavour to find the best solution.

Our services meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

We are an integral and important component of the corporate structure for our members.

The motivation and knowledge of all our employees and our partners’ employees are the key to our success.

The environmentally friendly use of resources is particularly important to us!


The European truck transport market will be subject to further radical changes over the coming years. Transport volumes, especially in the part and full load market, and their volatility will grow, the lack of transport infrastructure and constant new state requirements will impose further restrictions on trucks, costs will rise and revenues will fall.

Against the background of these challenges, we have made it our mission to strengthen our network by adding further small and medium-sized European transport companies and to increase the size of the truck fleet to more than 25,000 vehicles with well over 250 members.

This new dimension of a truck network, combined with the courage to innovate, will enable us over the next 5 to 10 years to further progress the industrialisation process we have begun and, thanks to central scheduling systems and previously unimaginable forms of traffic management, to achieve synergies which will safeguard the commercial success of our small and medium-sized cooperation partners, as well as entirely fulfilling the increasing requirements and expectations of loaders.

At the same time, we are constantly developing new concepts and ideas to reduce costs in all areas. Here too, our aim is ever greater bundling of purchasing volumes and centralisation and outsourcing of operational processes and functions.

We firmly believe that small German freight carriers will only have the chance to survive in this radically changing market environment if they have lean and flexible structures, which provide necessary operational and commercial transparency, and if they free themselves of all unnecessary administrative burdens. We are working to make our members fit for the future and to enable them to see the constant market changes as an opportunity.

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