The increasing focus on costs, the growing competition in Eastern Europe, and the demands of digitalization in our industry, has made life challenging for many forwarding companies and logistics service providers.

In an aim to overcome these challenges, twelve carriers joined forces in October 2006, founding ELVIS, the European Cargo Federation of International Freight Forwarders. The idea behind ELVIS – now and then – is to develop a community sharing the same interests.

Since then, the figures prove the success of our enterprise: currently, ELVIS AG has over 200 partners and together we operate in more than 280 locations with 17,000 moving units, and 3 million square meters of storage space.

Data & facts

ELVIS group                                                                                                       August 2020

Total number of partners: over 230 partners
Total number of locations over 350 locations
Countries represented: more than 20 countries in Europe
Total number of trucks: over 17,000 trucks
Total number of trailers/semi-trailers: over 21,000 trailers/semi-trailers


Volume Load Network: more than 20 partners with over 3,000 trucks
Baustoff Netzwerk: more than 20 partners with over 1.250 trucks
Part Load Network: more than 150 partners with over 10,000 trucks
International Network more than 30 partners with over 15,000 trucks


  • ELVIS Teilladungssystem GmbH
  • ELVIS Dienstleistungs GmbH
  • ELVIS Versicherungsmakler GmbH
  • ELVIS Lead Logistics AG
  • ELVIS Suisse Genossenschaft
  • Themis Schaden GmbH


Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau
E.L.V.I.S. Lead Logistics AG
Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau
E.L.V.I.S. Teilladungssystem GmbH
Am Elvis Terminal 1
D-34593 Knüllwald - Remsfeld
E.L.V.I.S. Dienstleistungs GmbH
Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau
E.L.V.I.S. Versicherungsmakler GmbH
Jägerschlößchenstraße 53
D-09125 Chemnitz
E.L.V.I.S. Suisse
Täfernstr. 31
CH-5405 Baden Dättwil
Themis Schaden GmbH
Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau

ELVIS is strong, personal and provides links


ELVIS is a strong purchasing association. ELVIS bundles its members’ needs together and thus generates market power, providing quantifiable benefits for members. ELVIS covers all the purchasing areas of a transport company: vehicles, diesel, fuels and tolls, but also insurances and external services.

The strength of ELVIS is not just reflected in its purchasing power, but above all in the competence of the ELVIS people. The team provides advisory support for members on all issues and develops innovative ideas and concepts based on this competence, which provide benefits for members


People are always the focus at ELVIS. The personal and direct exchange with members is important to ELVIS. This involves not making any distinction between a managing director or an employee of a member company. Everybody finds their competent, direct and personal contact at ELVIS.

ELVIS of course uses modern, automated systems for communication within the association. Nevertheless, people are still just a phone call away.

Providing links

ELVIS links its members together. The types of links vary and reflect the interests and wishes of the ELVIS members. This may be a simple, informal exchange between members, systematic benchmarking or a fully-integrated operational system, such as the Part Load Netzwerk. In some cases, networks are at an intermediate stage, where members have not yet achieved a higher level of integration. In these areas, it is up to members how strong the development of the collaboration will be. ELVIS offers links and networking opportunities which members breathe life into, in line with their own personal wishes and expectations.

ELVIS links its members with outside experts. Whether it is a technology expert or law, ELVIS has a sophisticated network of external contacts who offer ELVIS members optimum support. Naturally, ELVIS also passes on its purchasing power to its members in this area and negotiates preferential conditions.

ELVIS provides its members with links to relevant information in terms of politics and jurisprudence. In a market like logistics which is so strictly regulated, fast and reliable information about the current status of political and legal guidelines gives significant competitive advantages.


ELVIS AG was successfully certified in 2011 by an external assessor from AJA Registrars Zertifizierungsgesellschaft Germany GmbH.

The satisfaction of our customers is the benchmark for our success. For us, customer orientation means judging our services from the client’s perspective as well. Long-term customer and employee loyalty to our company ensures sustainable success. We guarantee the high quality of our services by constantly developing our own quality requirements still further. At the same time, our actions focus on environmental protection and careful use of resources as we do so.

Certifications mean we fulfil the following requirements:

You can also find the confirmation of our transport liability insurance here.

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