Employment law

Avoiding formal mistakes helps to prevent protracted legal disputes.

Company law

Changes in legal status, business transfers, inheritances or for example pension benefits alter your legal position over the years. Get advice in good time.

Competition law

Our subsidiary, Themis Schaden GmbH, deals with questions on the subject of competition law.

Product liability

As a manufacturer or intermediary, you know that it is well nigh impossible to achieve absolutely error-free production. Supported by our lawyers, we help you identify error sources in advance and reduce them.

Criminal law

In Germany, the public prosecutor’s office has to investigate, even if a criminal complaint is made anonymously. In most cases, the focus is on you as the businessperson and you have to exonerate yourself. The best lawyers are now needed to ensure you can be privately cleared of unjustified allegations as quickly as possible.

Transport law

The difference between a logistics contract and a contract of work and labour has serious implications for your insurance cover. Pre-checking of your general terms and conditions, individual consultations and very precise contract reviews with respect to the synchronisation of required liability and existing insurance cover save lots of time, trouble and money in the event of a claim.

Traffic law

Who is to blame for an accident and to what extent? The opposing party is delaying the claim or does not want to pay. Are the fine and the points justified? Are you as the keeper at fault?

Insurance law

The greater the loss, the more insurance companies try to fight against it or to reduce the compensation. This means you need to get legal help in good time.

Administrative law

The BAG [Federal Labour Court] does not fully accept your funding application. ELVIS service supported you in preparing the application, so we also support you in asserting your legitimate claims.

10. Checking logistics agreements

We trawl through your logistics agreement and clarify in the following order whether:

  • adequate insurance cover exists;
  • there is any possibility of including the required extension of liability with the current insurer;
  • insurance cover is possible with the current insurer for an additional charge;
  • the required liability can be insured with other insurers;
  • it is impossible to insure the liability on the insurance market.

Checking of employment contracts

So as to make absolutely sure that your employees’ employment contracts do not constitute a basis for additional wage claims or other payments, we offer you:

  • checking of the legal compliance of the relevant contractual documents
  • a well-founded assessment of the contractual text, including all required comments
  • modification or review of the contracts in the event of any claims identified

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