Approximate 30 percent of the costs of a forwarding company account for fuel.  

Would it be good if you could can save money here?

For a simple solution, the ELVIS was created in cooperation with the Wilhelm Hoyer GmbH & Co. KG, in which our partners can refuel at less costs.

At 1,000 gas stations throughout Europe, the partners are refueling at exclusive conditions. This is possible with the ELVIS Hoyer Card. Holders of the card are entitled to special ELVIS rates at around 300 Hoyer and 700 acceptance stations in Europe. The special conditions are just one part of the ELVIS concept. The goal is the integration of the Partners gas stations into the existing Hoyer filling station network.

The prices will be even lower at ELVIS partner stations. Hoyer offers various operator models that will make it easier for ELVIS partners to fulfill requirements of running their own fuel stations. In midterm, the fuel card will be extended to a full service card.