Renowned and efficient medium-sized forwarding and freight carrier companies form a European truck full load network under the name ELVIS AG. The first, and to this day the strongest division are members with predominantly tarpaulins in the cargo traffic. These currently include 60 members with around 7,500 trucks.

The lorry-driven truck with a capacity of just over 10,000 kilometers per month will no longer exist in the future. The ELVIS partners are aware that new systems must be intensively developed allowing to withstand the pressure from shippers wanting low freight charges, and at the same time on rising costs. Logistics needs a whole load industry, which works on the one hand according to defined and standardized processes, and on the other hand offers the carrier and the forwarder the highest degree of flexibility. These enormous challenges can be handled better in a larger group network with thousands of trucks, than with 50 trucks alone.

In the Full Load Network with more than 6,000 semi-trailers for up to 25 tons of cargo, the partners are more than just affiliated companies. The partners design and actively co-operate in the network. They benefit not only from joint appearances with major customers, but also avoid empty trips with bilateral cargo exchange.

At present, truck lines run mostly to France, Switzerland and Poland. In the meantime, the partners can rely and regularly transport to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria. Furthermore, a multiplication of the vehicles used is expected. The ELVIS cooperation works with defined quality criteria. A separate platform, within the cooperation, enables intercommunication within the network in the area of ​​free cargo traffic. In addition to the area-wide distribution of truck load capacities, individual partners offer logistic value-added services supporting the cargo network.

Jumbo Network

The Jumbo Group forms a separate section within the cooperation and is a strategic extension of ELVIS AG. In 2010, ELVIS launched a new jumbo group called "ELVIS Volume Load Network". Partners who mainly use 120 m³ articulated trucks form the Volume Load Network. Today this division comprises 20 members and 2,500 trucks capable of transporting 110 to 120 cubic meters of cargo volume. The cooperation within the Jumbo Group consists of the exchange of cargos, central procurement advantages and, in particular, the joint support of major customers.

The core objective of the Jumbo Group is to technically expand the European cargo network of the cooperation.  The objective allows to provide large shippers with increased truck capacities in the light and bulky goods segment throughout Germany and Europe. Similar to the ELVIS Full Load Network, ELVIS will continue to expand the jumbo network throughout Europe by including new national and international partners. The long-term goal is a common systematization and industrialization of full load traffic.


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