ELVIS Warehouse

Common solutions for major assignments with a storage capacity of over 1,600,000 m2

Contract logistics is constantly increasing in importance – all over Europe, and especially in Germany. There is a great deal of potential for above-average growth in this area. In contrast to transport companies, ELVIS partners often expect a high operating margin and strong customer loyalty in contract logistics.
Our clients benefit from ELVIS cooperation – they make cost savings, enjoy greater flexibility and in most cases get appreciably better services.

In addition to the required potential for improvement and making savings, this transfer of responsibility needs one thing above all: a great deal of trust in the contract service provider. This involves the following areas:

  • stability and financial strength
  • sustainability
  • methods and project competence
  • flexibility
  • industry competence
  • speed and innovative capacity
  • employee qualification
  • IT and management resources

ELVIS now has 190 members and is represented on 280 sites in Germany and its neighbouring countries.
Today, we already have a storage capacity of more than 1.6 million m2 across all ELVIS partners.
Furthermore, we are active as an association in all branches of industry and have built up specific sector know-how and specialist knowledge there over the years: ranging from chilled goods storage for food, via hazardous goods storage with permanent air exchange through to just-in-time delivery for the automotive industry. And that is not all by a long way ...
Become part of the large ELVIS family!
Come and join us and at the same time take advantage of the group’s resources and know-how.

Part Load Network

Many parts form a whole - a cost-effective whole!

No more underused capacity, load combinations which are laborious and in most cases not cost-effective or improvised part load transport with the company’s own fleet!
The ELVIS Part Load Network has been in existence since 2011 and is the first German network for dealing with part truckloads. In this way, ELVIS Teilladungssystem GmbH has for the first time created the necessary conditions for carrying part loads from every shipper in Germany to every reception point in Germany and its neighbouring countries in a systematic way.

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Full Load Network

The idea of organising members into divisions originated right from the time ELVIS was founded. The first, and so far the largest, division involves members who mainly have curtain-sided semi-trailers in freight transport. There are currently 60 members in this division with around 7,500 trucks

Volume Load Network

Members who predominantly use jumbo trucks – with this being understood to include articulated trucks with 120 m³ – constitute the Volume Load Network. There are currently 20 members in this division with 2,500 trucks. Ultra-light trucks have already been firmly established for many years, due to their special characteristics when it comes to calculating tolls. Even the reduction of the toll limit to the current level of 7.5 tonnes could not force this very light jumbo truck out of the market.

Building Materials Network

Changing consumer behaviour with increasing use of online orders presents the building materials sector and the shippers used in this area with major challenges. Customers no longer order exclusively on a regional basis and are no longer prepared to collect the goods themselves. The requirement for country-wide delivery to end customers therefore arises out of regional shipping orders.

In order to meet this demand, 15 building materials shippers have come together under the ELVIS flag to form a nationwide network and offer delivery of building products all over the country using "crane trucks”. This means quality and run times can be consistently guaranteed.

Pallet portal

Every shipper can tell you a thing or two about handling exchangeable Euro pallets: because losses due to pallet differences that have not been balanced out are the rule rather than the exception. The ELVIS pallet portal provides help here and balances out pallet differences across system partners in regions located a long way from the home base – in easy, cooperative collaboration.

Via the web-based ELVIS pallet portal, partners input their pallet balance and task regional partners with collecting empty pallets from or delivering them to customers’ premises. This significantly reduces the costs for handling exchangeable Euro pallets.


iLAN – the intelligent load network

ELVIS and FH Erfurt together brought this research project into being in order to strengthen processes in full load transport through standardisation and industrialisation. The aim is to achieve the first full load network in Central Europe which uses trucks in a systematic way, in fixed operating radii and irrespective of the order distance. The process involves transport units being exchanged in an organised way through truck-meets-truck and shuttle traffic between depots – this enables sequential multi-shift operation of the vehicles. Each participating company thus benefits from the industrialised process for handling freight transport, irrespective of the size of the company and the fleet strength.

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