ELVIS put simply

ELVIS involves the cooperation of small and medium-sized freight carriers and shippers who have recognised that they are stronger in an association. The purchasing benefits alone enable ELVIS members to secure cost savings which significantly exceed the moderate membership fee. Wide-ranging operational benefits are possible for every member, but entail active collaboration in the ELVIS association.

ELVIS is strong, personal and provides links


ELVIS is a strong purchasing association. ELVIS bundles its members’ needs together and thus generates market power, providing quantifiable benefits for members. ELVIS covers all the purchasing areas of a transport company: vehicles, diesel, fuels and tolls, but also insurances and external services.

The strength of ELVIS is not just reflected in its purchasing power, but above all in the competence of the ELVIS people. The team provides advisory support for members on all issues and develops innovative ideas and concepts based on this competence, which provide benefits for members.


People are always the focus at ELVIS. The personal and direct exchange with members is important to ELVIS. This involves not making any distinction between a managing director or an employee of a member company. Everybody finds their competent, direct and personal contact at ELVIS.

ELVIS of course uses modern, automated systems for communication within the association. Nevertheless, people are still just a phone call away.

Providing links

ELVIS links its members together. The types of links vary and reflect the interests and wishes of the ELVIS members. This may be a simple, informal exchange between members, systematic benchmarking or a fully-integrated operational system, such as the Part Load Netzwerk. In some cases, networks are at an intermediate stage, where members have not yet achieved a higher level of integration. In these areas, it is up to members how strong the development of the collaboration will be. ELVIS offers links and networking opportunities which members breathe life into, in line with their own personal wishes and expectations.

ELVIS links its members with outside experts. Whether it is a technology expert or law, ELVIS has a sophisticated network of external contacts who offer ELVIS members optimum support. Naturally, ELVIS also passes on its purchasing power to its members in this area and negotiates preferential conditions.

ELVIS provides its members with links to relevant information in terms of politics and jurisprudence. In a market like logistics which is so strictly regulated, fast and reliable information about the current status of political and legal guidelines gives significant competitive advantages.


Each individual cooperation partner is the focus of what we do.

Our actions enable us to constantly create new added values for our cooperation partners and so at the same time to make a substantial contribution to safeguarding the future of our members.

Our position is always neutral and we act exclusively in the interests of the association. In doing so, we always abide by the law and regulations.

Everything we do is always altruistic with a strong, cooperative character. We always endeavour to find the best solution.

Our services meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

We are an integral and important component of the corporate structure for our members.

The motivation and knowledge of all our employees and our partners’ employees are the key to our success.

The environmentally friendly use of resources is particularly important to us!



The European truck transport market will be subject to further radical changes over the coming years. Transport volumes, especially in the part and full load market, and their volatility will grow, the lack of transport infrastructure and constant new state requirements will impose further restrictions on trucks, costs will rise and revenues will fall.

Against the background of these challenges, we have made it our mission to strengthen our network by adding further small and medium-sized European transport companies and to increase the size of the truck fleet to more than 25,000 vehicles with well over 250 members.

This new dimension of a truck network, combined with the courage to innovate, will enable us over the next 5 to 10 years to further progress the industrialisation process we have begun and, thanks to central scheduling systems and previously unimaginable forms of traffic management, to achieve synergies which will safeguard the commercial success of our small and medium-sized cooperation partners, as well as entirely fulfilling the increasing requirements and expectations of loaders.

At the same time, we are constantly developing new concepts and ideas to reduce costs in all areas. Here too, our aim is ever greater bundling of purchasing volumes and centralisation and outsourcing of operational processes and functions.

We firmly believe that small German freight carriers will only have the chance to survive in this radically changing market environment if they have lean and flexible structures, which provide necessary operational and commercial transparency, and if they free themselves of all unnecessary administrative burdens. We are working to make our members fit for the future and to enable them to see the constant market changes as an opportunity.

ELVIS Association figuresas of - March 2019

Total number of partners: over 180 partners
over 180 partners over 280 sites
Countries represented: more than 20 countries in Europe
Total number of trucks: over 17,000 trucks
Total number of trailers/semi-trailers: over 21,000 trailers/semi-trailers



Full Load Network: more than 60 partners with over 7,500 trucks
Volume Load Network: more than 20 partners with over 2,500 trucks
Baustoff Netzwerk: more than 15 partners with over 750 trucks
Part Load Network: Part Load Network: more than 90 partners with over 8,000 trucks



  • ELVIS Teilladungssystem GmbH
  • ELVIS Dienstleistungs GmbH
  • ELVIS Versicherungsmakler GmbH
  • ELVIS Lead Logistics AG
  • ELVIS Suisse Genossenschaft
  • Themis Schaden GmbH


Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau
E.L.V.I.S. Lead Logistics AG
Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau
E.L.V.I.S. Teilladungssystem GmbH
Am Elvis Terminal 1
D-34593 Knüllwald - Remsfeld
E.L.V.I.S. Dienstleistungs GmbH
Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau
E.L.V.I.S. Versicherungsmakler GmbH
Jägerschlößchenstraße 53
D-09125 Chemnitz
E.L.V.I.S. Suisse
Täfernstr. 31
CH-5405 Baden Dättwil
Themis Schaden GmbH
Röntgenstr. 4
D-63755 Alzenau

ELVIS AG was successfully certified in 2011 by an external assessor from AJA Registrars Zertifizierungsgesellschaft Germany GmbH.

The satisfaction of our customers is the benchmark for our success. For us, customer orientation means judging our services from the client’s perspective as well. Long-term customer and employee loyalty to our company ensures sustainable success. We guarantee the high quality of our services by constantly developing our own quality requirements still further. At the same time, our actions focus on environmental protection and careful use of resources as we do so.

Certifications mean we fulfil the following requirements:

You can also find the confirmation of our transport liability insurance here.

Neuigkeiten aus dem Sudan

Alzenau, 10. September 2018 – Der Bau unserer Schule im Sudan (Elshaheed Efendi Village) macht weiter Fortschritte. Die Baumaßnahme des Gebäudes ist abgeschlossen und die Schulkinder können das Gebäude für den Unterricht benutzen.

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ELVIS engagiert sich für bessere Bildungsbedingungen im Sudan

Alzenau, 8. November 2017 – Spende statt Präsente: Die ELVIS AG und ihre Mitglieder haben bei ihrer diesjährigen Weihnachtsaktion mehr als 35.000 Euro gesammelt, um die Bildungsbedingungen im Sudan zu verbessern. Das Netzwerk plant dort den Bau einer Schule samt Spielplatz in Zusammenarbeit mit World Vision. Zudem spendet ELVIS das Lehrmaterial und übernimmt die Fortbildungskosten für das Personal. 181 Kinder sollen dann voraussichtlich schon in zwei Jahren von 13 Lehrern unterrichtet werden. Der Baustart ist für das kommende Jahr geplant.

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You can find our press releases here.

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You can also download the ELVIS <company profiles here


ELVIS news magazin

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Simply ELVIS, simply young!

The ELVIS junior group has been around since 2016. This is where young executives from ELVIS member companies get together, along with those on their way up the ladder. Together, they grapple with the challenges of working life, the leadership role and the often special demands of small and medium-sized family businesses.

The aim of the junior group is learning together and from one another and getting to know like-minded people in a similar situation.

ELVIS news - Ausgabe 01-2019

ELVIS gibt Gas! In dieser Ausgabe der ELVIS news fokussieren wir uns auf den Einsatz des LNG-Lkw. Neu ist die Technik nicht, aber die Anschaffung eines solchen Fahrzeuges haben die meisten Partner im Verbund bisher gescheut. Dieses und weitere Themen finden sich in der aktuellen Ausgabe.


Join ELVIS! At our headquarters in Alzenau and at the Knüllwald part load site in the Schwalm-Eder district of Hesse, we work on a wide variety of subjects in young, committed teams. There are exciting tasks, a wide variety of development opportunities and good prospects for advancement waiting for you to enjoy. The ELVIS network is something special – the ELVIS team is too.

Let yourself get the “ELVIS virus” and join our team!

Career entry and internships

For young graduates from economics degree courses – particularly with a focus on the logistics and transportation area – and those starting out on their careers, we offer interesting career entry opportunities with “on-the-job training” followed by taking charge of (part) projects. The area of responsibility includes the organisational and administrative support of project implementation, along with the conceptual and structural preparation of task assignments and setting of objectives within complex project requirements. They support the project team in their day-to-day work, with the preparation and processing of data material and with the development of process descriptions.


Student research papers/theses

What we offer:
ELVIS AG offers economics students, especially those with a focus on the logistics and transport business management area, the opportunity to write practice-related theses for their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  We are currently dealing with the following topics:

  • Controlling and key performance indicator systems for small and medium-sized transport companies
  • Models and assessment criteria for performance-related remuneration of commercial employees
  • Tools to facilitate staff development and staff loyalty in a modern working environment
  • International development of part load system transport operations

Depending on the possible time available for the work, subsections of the topics may also be dealt with. Have you got your own suggestions for topics? Then please get in touch with us!

Christine Weckesser
Christine Weckesser
Leitung Personal, Kommunikation & Administration+49-6023-50734-12 +49-6023-50734-50 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.