This is an element we like to keep under our own control!

ELVIS Versicherungsmakler GmbH allows us to offer you special insurance solutions for shippers and logistics providers. We provide customised continuous protection against possible risks for our members and identify potential savings.
This involves dealing with all the organisation: policy and claims processing, administration, collection, etc.

Take advantage of our many years of experience, the personal advice and our speed – simply ELVIS service from a one-stop shop!

The hotline in the EVENT OF A CLAIM +49-602399492-768

Proven quality makes the difference. Certification according to currently valid international standards is your figurehead – it proves the quality and transparency of your services and makes you more competitive. At the same time, it enables you to improve your business processes.

More and more frequently business partners even make certification a condition for starting negotiations. With certification, you can win these orders, without certification you often cannot even start to compete at all. We therefore support you through our partners with individual consultancy services and audits according to ISO 9001, 14001, green logistics, SQAS and IFS.

Law issues – a top topic! So, statutory requirements and legal framework conditions are continually evolving. The advice of a specialist lawyer is now vital in terms of complying with all the requirements.

We cooperate with specialist lawyers on all areas of the law which are relevant to shipping and transport companies - on all legal issues from A to Z, including traffic, criminal, employment, transport, insurance, company and administrative law, along with product liability and customs controls. Take advantage of this expertise for your legal security!

Our in-house lawyers are available to you for an initial consultation free of charge.

Employee retention made easy

Qualified and reliable staff have become harder and harder to find in recent times. This makes it all the more important to develop the loyalty to your own company of good and committed employees. The ELVIS employee portal enables you to achieve this in next to no time. The employee portal offers your member an attractive additional advantage in the form of exclusive benefits in the area of insurance solutions and special discounts with over 250 reputable brands in retail trade. Furthermore, new offers are added at regular intervals. This enables you not only to enhance your appeal as an employer, but also to increase the loyalty and motivation of your employees. Just try it out free of charge!


Learn from the best!

ELVIS has the best people on board! This means ELVIS members include experts for virtually every task in the shipping and truck business – and knowledge sharing is a top priority. Benchmark working groups meet regularly, with participant numbers of around 15, and have been enjoying trusting collaboration for years.

Openness in dealing with both successes and difficulties strengthens the collective feeling here. Supported by professional key performance indicator analysis, the benchmark working groups have for years been an integral part of many ELVIS businesses.

Using modern communication and staying ahead of the game

Telematics have only just been implemented in truck fleets, and there is already a need for new solutions once again. Loaders want to “see” the transport chain in an ever more transparent way and where possible in real time – irrespective of whether they are operating with their own fleet or a subcontractor. habblWORK is the answer to the required transparency – in this way ELVIS is once more constantly strengthening the cooperation of its members.

We developed habblWORK together with our IT service provider EIKONA AG and made it available to you. Make an appointment for a presentation of this system.

Freight exchange between friends!
Public freight exchanges are clearly part of logistics, but they come under fire time and again. We have the alternative, the ELVIS freight exchange – it functions in the same way, but “only” within the ELVIS membership. This guarantees quality and reliability, and at the same time customer freight exchanges are naturally permitted.

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